A track to include a x axis. To use it you can either put file_type = x_axis or call your section [x-axis]




  • title: Put here a title which will apprear on the right.

  • height: If you do not set it, the height will be fontsize / 8, else you can choose any float above 0.

  • overlay_previous: no (default) or yes or share-y.

  • where: bottom (default) or top.

  • fontsize: 15 (default) or any float above 0

Output of make_tracks_file:

# title of track (plotted on the right side)
title =
# height of track in cm (ignored if the track is overlay on top the previous track)
height = 2
# if you want to plot the track upside-down:
# orientation = inverted
# if you want to plot the track on top of the previous track. Options are 'yes' or 'share-y'.
# For the 'share-y' option the y axis values is shared between this plot and the overlay plot.
# Otherwise, each plot use its own scale
#overlay_previous = yes